Pipettors and Dispensers

Drummond Microdispensers & Parts
Dialamatic Microdispensers
D405-0Dialamatic Dispenser, 10 ul x 1 ul               (Drummond No. 3-000-210)
D406-0Dialamatic Dispenser, 25 ul x 1 ul               (Drummond No. 3-000-225)
D407-0Dialamatic Dispenser, 50 ul x 2 ul               (Drummond No. 3-000-250)
D408-0Dialamatic Dispenser, 100 ul x 10 ul           (Drummond No. 3-000-275)

Digital Microdispensers
D410-0Digital Dispenser, 10 ul (2-10 ul)                 (Drummond No. 3-000-510)
D411-0Digital Dispenser, 25 ul (5-25 ul)                 (Drummond No. 3-000-525)
D412-0Digital Dispenser, 50 ul (10-50 ul)               (Drummond No. 3-000-550)
D413-0Digital Dispenser, 100 ul (20-100 ul)           (Drummond No. 3-000-575)
D414-0Digital Dispenser, 1000 ul (100-1000 ul)      (Drummond No. 3-000-590)

Fixed Volume Microdispensers
D420-0Fixed Volume Set at 5 ul                             (Drummond No. 3-000-105)
D421-0Fixed Volume Set at 10 ul                           (Drummond No. 3-000-310)
D422-0Fixed Volume Set at 20 ul                           (Drummond No. 3-000-320)
D423-0Fixed Volume Set at 25 ul                           (Drummond No. 3-000-325)
D425-0Fixed Volume Set at 50 ul                           (Drummond No. 3-000-350)
D426-0Fixed Volume Set at 100 ul                         (Drummond No. 3-000-375)
D427-0Fixed Volume Set at 200 ul                         (Drummond No. 3-000-385)
D428-0Fixed Volume Set at 1000 ul                       (Drummond No. 3-000-390)

Glass Bores for Drummond Microdispensers
(Size: 100/vial)
D431-0Glass Bores, 10 ul (Orange)                  (Drummond No. 3-000-210-G)
D432-0Glass Bores, 20 ul (Black)                     (Drummond No. 3-000-320-G)
D433-0Glass Bores, 25 ul (Double White)         (Drummond No. 3-000-225-G)
D435-0Glass Bores, 50 ul (Green)                    (Drummond No. 3-000-250-G)
D436-0Glass Bores, 100 ul/200 ul (Blue)          (Drummond No. 3-000-275-G)
D438-0Plastic Bores, 1000 ul (Plastic Tips)       (Drummond No. 3-000-590-G)

Microdispenser Parts Kits
D440-0Kit for 10 ul (D405-0, D410-0, D421-0)
D441-0Kit for 25 ul (D406-0, D411-0, D423-0)
D442-0Kit for 50 ul (D407-0, D412-0, D425-0)
D443-0Kit for 100 ul (D408-0, D413-0, D426-0)

Teflon Tips for Drummond Microdispensers
(Size: 3/Package)
D445-0Teflon Tips, 25 ul                                (Drummond No. 3-000-010-225)
D446-0Teflon Tips, 50 ul                                (Drummond No. 3-000-010-250)
D447-0Teflon Tips, 100 ul/200 ul                    (Drummond No. 3-000-010-275)
D448-0Teflon Tips, 1000 ul                             (Drummond No. 3-000-010-590)

Plunger Wires for Drummond Microdispensers
D450-0Plunger Wire, 10 ul                              (Drummond No. 3-000-000-210)
D451-0Plunger Wire, 20 ul                              (Drummond No. 3-000-000-320)
D452-0Plunger Wire, 25 ul                              (Drummond No. 3-000-000-225)
D453-0Plunger Wire, 50 ul                              (Drummond No. 3-000-000-250)
D454-0Plunger Wire, 100 ul                            (Drummond No. 3-000-000-275)
D455-0Plunger Wire, 200 ul                            (Drummond No. 3-000-000-385)

O-Rings for Drummond Microdispensers
(Size: 3/package)
D460-0O-Rings for 10 ul                                 (Drummond No. 3-000-002-0)
D461-0O-Rings for 20 ul & 25 ul                     (Drummond No. 3-000-002-1)
D462-0O-Rings for 50 ul                                 (Drummond No. 3-000-002-2)
D463-0O-Rings for 100 ul & 200 ul                 (Drummond No. 3-000-002-3)

Repair Parts for Drummond Microdispensers
D465-0Coil Spring (specify model & size)               (Drummond No. 3-000-009)
D466-0Resizing Tool (specify model & size)           (Drummond No. 3-000-011)
D467-0Tip Replacing Block (specify model & size) (Drummond No. 3-000-012)
D468-0Allen Wrench (specify model and size)       (Drummond No. 3-000-013)
D469-0Collet (specify model and size)                   (Drummond No. 3-000-001)

Repeater Dispensers & Syringe Tips
D530-0Ripette Repeater Dispenser, 1 ul to 5 ml
D530-1Combitube Accessory for Repipettor (2/Package)
NSTP  Nichimate Stepper (Repeater Dispenser), 1 ul to 5000 ul

Non-Sterile Syringe Tips for Ripette & Nichimate
D531-0Syringe Tips, 0.05 ml(100/case)
D531-SSyringe Tips, 0.05 ml(10/Pkg)
D532-0Syringe Tips, 0.5 ml  (100/case)
D532-SSyringe Tips, 0.5 ml  (10/Pkg)
D533-0Syringe Tips, 1.25 ml (100/case)
D533-SSyringe Tips, 1.25 ml (10/Pkg)
D534-0Syringe Tips, 2.5 ml   (100/case) (50 ul increments)
D534-SSyringe Tips, 2.5 ml    10/Pkg
D535-0Syringe Tips, 5.0 ml (100/case)  (100 ul increments)
D535-SSyringe Tips, 5.0 ml    10/Pkg
D536-0Syringe Tips, 12.5 ml (100/case)  (250 ul increments)
D536-SSyringe Tips, 12.5 ml  10/Pkg
D537-0Syringe Tips, 25 ml   (100/case)   (500 ul increments)
D537-SSyringe Tips, 25 ml    10/Pkg
D538-0Syringe Tips, 50 ml   (100/case)   (1 ml increments)
D538-SSyringe Tips, 50 ml    10/Pkg
D539-0Adapter for 25 & 50 ml Syringes
D539-1Syringe Tube Accessory for Narrow Mouth Bottles2/Pkg

Nichiryo Model 5000DG
Continuously Adjustable Micropipette
DG10  Digital Micro Pipette, 0.5-10 ul
DG50  Digital Micro Pipette, 10-50 ul
DG200Digital Micro Pipette, 40-200 ul
DG1000      Digital Micro Pipette, 200-1000 ul
DG5000      Digital Micro Pipette, 1000-5000 ul
MLTSTD     Rotary Stand-holds 6 micropipettes

Nichiryo Model 5000F Fixed Volume Micropipette
NPF-5Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 5 ul
NPF-10      Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 10 ul
NPF-20      Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 20 ul
NPF-25      Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 25 ul
NPF-50      Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 50 ul
NPF100     Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 100 ul
NPF200     Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 200 ul
NPF250     Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 250 ul
NPF300     Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 300 ul
NPF500     Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 500 ul
NPF1ML    Fixed Volume Pipette with Tip Ejector, 1000 ul

Nichiryo Model 5000V Triple Volume Micropipette
NPV-S      Triple Volume Micropipette, 10/20/50 ul
NPV-M     Triple Volume Micropipette, 50/100/200 ul
NPV-L      Triple Volume Micropipette, 200/500/1000 ul
Nichiryo Dispet
Bottle-Top Reagent Dispenser w/o Bottle
DP-1 Botle-Top Dispenser, 0.2-1 ml w/22 mm Adapter
DP-2 Botle-Top Dispenser, 0.4-2 ml w/22 mm Adapter
DP-5 Botle-Top Dispenser, 1-5 ml w/27 mm Adapter
DP-10       Botle-Top Dispenser, 2-10 ml w/27 mm Adapter
DP-118     Optional Adapter for 18 mm bottle thread size
DP-119     Optional Adapter for 19 mm bottle thread size
DP-122     Optional Adapter for 22 mm bottle thread size
DP-124     Optional Adapter for 24 mm bottle thread size
DP-125     Optional Adapter for 25 mm bottle thread size
DP-128     Optional Adapter for 28 mm bottle thread size
DP-133     Optional Adapter for 33 mm bottle thread size
DP-138     Optional Adapter for 38 mm bottle thread size
DP-145     Optional Adapter for 45 mm bottle thread size
DP-252     Optional Adapter Kit:  25, 28, 33, 38 mm

Eppendorf Adjustable Volume Pipettors, Model 2100
D540-0Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 0.5-10 ul
D540-1Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 2-20 ul
D540-2Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 10-100 ul
D540-3Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 20-200 ul
D540-4Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 100-1000 ul
D540-5Eppendorf Adjustable Pipettors,  Range, 500-5000 ul

Tips for Eppendorf Model 2100
D541-0Tips, Clear, Ultra Micro, 0.5-10 ul1000/Pkg
D541-1Tips, Yellow, 1-100 ul  1000/Pkg
D541-2Tips, Blue, 101-1000 ul1000/Pkg
D541-3Tips, Clear, 500-2500 ul500/Pkg

Economy Adjustable Volume Pipettors
D542-0Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 0.5-10 ul
D542-1Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 2-20 ul
D542-2Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 5-50 ul
D542-3Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 20-100 ul
D542-4Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 20-200 ul
D542-5Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 200-1000 ul
D542-6Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 1-5 ml
D542-7Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 2-10 ml

Tips for Series D542 Pipettors
D543-0Pipet Tips for D542-0, up to 10 ul(1000/Bag)
D543-2Pipet Tips for D542-1, D542-2, D542-3, D542-4, Up to 200 ul  (1000/Bag)
D543-4Pipet Tips for D542-5, Up to 1000 ul(1000/Bag)
D543-5Pipet Tips for D542-6, Up to 5000 ul(300/Bag)
D543-6Pipet Tips for D542-7, 10000 ul (100/Bag)

Economy Fixed Volume Pipettes
D545-0Fixed Volume Pipette, 1 ul  (Tips see D543-0)
D545-1Fixed Volume Pipette, 2 ul (Tips see D543-0)
D545-2Fixed Volume Pipette, 5 ul (Tips see D543-0)
D545-3Fixed Volume Pipette, 10 ul (Tips see D543-0)
D545-4Fixed Volume Pipette, 15 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D545-5Fixed Volume Pipette, 20 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D545-6Fixed Volume Pipette, 25 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D545-7Fixed Volume Pipette, 30 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D545-8Fixed Volume Pipette, 40 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D545-9Fixed Volume Pipette, 50 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D546-0Fixed Volume Pipette, 100 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D546-1Fixed Volume Pipette, 200 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D546-2Fixed Volume Pipette, 250 ul (Tips see D543-4)
D546-3Fixed Volume Pipette, 500 ul (Tips see D543-4)
D546-4Fixed Volume Pipette, 1000 ul (Tips see D543-4)
D546-5Fixed Volume Pipette, 2000 ul (Tips see D543-5)
D546-6Fixed Volume Pipette, 3000 ul (Tips see D543-5)
D546-7Fixed Volume Pipette, 5000 ul (Tips see D543-5)
D546-8Fixed Volume Pipette, 10000 ul (Tips see D543-6)

Multi-Channel Pipettes
D547-0Multi-Channel Pipette, 5-50 ul (Tips see D543-0)
D547-1Multi-Channel Pipette, 20-100 ul (Tips see D543-2)
D547-2Multi-Channel Pipette, 40-300 ul Tips see D543-4)

Plastic Pipette Tips
(Many Pipet Tips available Racked or w/Filters, please inquire)
Pipette Tips (Yellow), 50 mm
Pipette Tips (Blue), 70 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 50 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 70 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 85 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 116 mm
Pipette Tips (Blue), 71 mm
Pipette Tips (Yellow), 51 mm
Pipette Tips (Yellow), 50 mm
Pipette Tips (Blue), 70 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 52 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 31 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 45 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural or Yellow), 50 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 38 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 52 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 101 mm
Pipette Tips (Yellow), 50 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 58 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural or Blue), 70 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 84 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 44 mm
Pipette Tips (Yellow), 56 mm
Pipette Tips (Green), 66 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 65 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 47 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 163 mm
Pipette Tips (Natural), 5 ml

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