Germicides-High Level Disinfectant
Wavicide®-01 (2.5% Glutaraldehyde Sterilant)
Wavicide®-01 MEC Indicators
Soaking Trays for Sterilant

Germicides-Hard Surface Disinfectants
Wavicide®-06 Plus®


Germicides-Instrument Disinfectant
Pink Germicide (Benzalkonium Chloride Solution)

BAK 1:750 (Benzalkonium Chloride 1:750) USP
Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% USP
Surgicide® (Povidone Iodine Solution) USP
Scrubidine® (Povidone Iodine Scrub)
Medi-Fect® PCMX (active ingedient: 1.75% p-chloro-m-xylenol)
Sterling Microcide Hand Cleaner
Softguard Hand Cream
Contrad® Cleaning Solution for Cleaning Counters
No-Count Radioactive Decontaminant

Soaps and Detergents

Tincture of Green Soap, USP
Biodegradable and Mildly Antiseptic
Cat. No.140B(contains ethyl alcohol)      Size: 1 Gallon
Cat. No.141B(containing isopropyl alcohol)     Size:1 Gallon

Laboratory Detergent
Med Chem Lab Detergent (concentrate) Dilute 2 oz to 1 gal w/water
Detergosol® Lab Detergent (powder concentrate) 2 tblsp/gal water

70% Ethyl Alcohol
70% Isopropyl Alcohol
99% Isopropyl Alcohol
Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)

Latex Medical Gloves (Lightly Powdered)
Micro One® MicroFlex®
B140-0Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Extra Small)Box
B140-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small) 10 Box/Cs
B140-2Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)         Box
B140-3Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)         10 Box/Cs
B140-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)       Box
B140-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)       10 Box/Cs
B140-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)           Box
B140-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
B140-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  Box
B140-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Lightly Powdered)
Color Touch® MicroFlex®
B141-0Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Extra Small) Box
B141-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B141-2Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)  Box
B141-3Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)  10 Box/Cs
B141-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B141-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B141-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   Box
B141-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
B141-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  Box
B141-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Lightly Powdered)
Power Grip® MicroFlex®
B142-0Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Extra Small) Box
B142-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B142-2Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)  Box
B142-3Latex Gloves, (100/box)  (Small)  10 Box/Cs
B142-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B142-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B142-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   Box
B142-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
B142-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  Box
B142-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Lightly Powdered)
UniSeal®  ProDerma, 5 Mil, 9 in Cuffs
LU110SLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)  Box
LU110SLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)  10 Box/Cs
LU110MLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)      Box
LU110MLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)      10 Box/Cs
LU110LLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   Box
LU110LLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
LU110XLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  Box
LU110XLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Powder-Free)
UniSeal®  ProDerma, 5 Mil, 9 in Cuffs
LU100SLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)  Box
LU100SLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)  10 Box/Cs
LU100MLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)      Box
LU100MLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)      10 Box/Cs
LU100LLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   Box
LU100LLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
LU100XLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large) Box
LU100XLatex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large) 10 Box/Cs

Nitrile Textured Gloves (Powder-Free)
UniSeal®  ProDerma, 4 Mil, 9 in Cuffs
Synthetic Formulation Free of Proteins, Silicone, Plasticizers
KU100SNitrile Textured Gloves (Small)   Box
KU100SNitrile Textured Gloves (Small)   10 Box/Cs
KU100MNitrile Textured Gloves (Medium)Box
KU100MNitrile Textured Gloves (Medium)10 Box/Cs
KU100LNitrile Textured Gloves (Large)    Box
KU100LNitrile Textured Gloves (Large)    10 Box/Cs
KU100XNitrile Textured Gloves (EX-Large)       Box
KU100XNitrile Textured Gloves (EX-Large)       10 Box/Cs

Nitrile Textured Gloves (Lightly Powdered)
UniSeal®  ProDerma, 4 Mil, 9 in Cuffs
Synthetic Formulation Free of Proteins, Silicone, Plasticizers
KU110SNitrile Textured Gloves (Small)   Box
KU110SNitrile Textured Gloves (Small)   10 Box/Cs
KU110MNitrile Textured Gloves (Medium)Box
KU110MNitrile Textured Gloves (Medium)10 Box/Cs
KU110L Nitrile Textured Gloves (Large)   Box
KU110L Nitrile Textured Gloves (Large)   10 Box/Cs
KU110X Nitrile Textured Gloves (EX-Large)      Box
KU110X Nitrile Textured Gloves (EX-Large)      10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Powder-Free)
Diamond Grip™ MicroFlex®
B144-0Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  Box
B144-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B144-2Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   Box
B144-3Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   10 Box/Cs
B144-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B144-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B144-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    Box
B144-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    10 Box/Cs
B144-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   Box
B144-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Powder-Free)
Diamond Grip Plus™ MicroFlex®
B146-0Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  Box
B146-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B146-2Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   Box
B146-3Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   10 Box/Cs
B146-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B146-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B146-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    Box
B146-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    10 Box/Cs
B146-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   Box
B146-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   10 Box/Cs

Medical Gloves (Powder-Free Chloroprene)
NeoPro® MicroFlex®
B151-0Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  Box
B151-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B151-2Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   Box
B151-3Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   10 Box/Cs
B151-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B151-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B151-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    Box
B151-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    10 Box/Cs
B151-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   Box
B151-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Latex Medical Gloves (Powder-Free)
Evolution One® MicroFlex®
B152-0Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  Box
B152-1Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Small)  10 Box/Cs
B152-2Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)    Box
B152-3Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Small)   10 Box/Cs
B152-4Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)Box
B152-5Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Medium)10 Box/Cs
B152-6Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)    Box
B152-7Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Large)   10 Box/Cs
B152-8Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)   Box
B152-9Latex Gloves, (100/box) (Extra Large)  10 Box/Cs

Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (Powder Free)
B153-0Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Small)     Box
B153-1Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Small)     10 Box/Cs
B153-2Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Medium)  Box
B153-3Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Medium)  10 Box/Cs
B153-4Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Large)      Box
B153-5Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (Large)      10 Box/Cs
B153-6Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (X-Large)   Box
B153-7Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100/box) (X-Large)   10 Box/Cs

Polyethylene Sharps Containers
B154-0 2.5 qt each
B160-0 5 Gal   each
B160-1 5 Gal   8/case

Biohazard Bags
B168-08 x 12 in, Red      1000/case
B168-224 x 30 in, Clear   200/Pkg
B168-324 x 36 in, Clear   200/Pkg
B168-423 x 23 in, Red, 1.1 mil 500/case
B170-014 x 19 in, Red, With Indicator     200/Pkg
B175-019 x 23 in, Red, With Indicator     200/Pkg
B180-025 x 35 in, Red, With Indicator     200/Pkg

Specimen Transport Bags (Comply w/OSHA)
Biohazard Bag with Document Pouch and Zipper Closure
GS-4920 Size: 6" x 9"     1000/cs
GS-4925 Size: 8" x 10"   1000/cs
GS-4928 Size: 12" x 15" 1000/cs
GS-4921 Size: 6" x 9" (Glue Closure)      2000/cs

Zipper Closure Bags
GS-4935Reclosable Polybags, 3" x 5" (10 packs of 100)1000/cs
GS-4946Reclosable Polybags, 4" x 6" (10 packs of 100)1000/cs
GS-4948Reclosable Polybags, 4" x 8" (10 packs of 100)1000/cs
GS-4966Reclosable Polybags, 6" x 6" (10 packs of 100)1000/cs
GS-4981Reclosable Polybags, 8" x 10" (10 packs of 100)1000/cs

Antiseptic Towelettes
B185-0Antiseptic Towelettes, BZK Antiseptic (ind wrapped)100/Pkg
B185-1Antiseptic Towelettes, Castile Soap (ind wrapped)1000/case

Radioisotope Safety Products
B190-0NoCount Radioactive Decontaminant,  18 oz spray can
B225-0Radioassay Safety Mats for Spills50/pkg

Biohazard Shields
B250-0Biohazard Shields, Small (35.5 x 30.5 x 19 cm)
B255-0Biohazard Shields, Large (51 x 46 x 30 cm)
B300-0Biohazard Shields, Slim-Line (51 x 35.5 x 30 cm)


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