General Laboratory Equipment/Supplies

Applicator Sticks
L110-0Applicator Sticks, Wooden, Plain, 6 in  (1000/pkg)
L110-1Applicator Sticks, Wooden, Cotton-Tipped, 6 in  (1000/pkg)
L110-3Applicator Sticks, Wooden, Cotton-Tipped, 6 in (Sterile)  (100/pkg)
L110-4Applicator Sticks, Wooden, Cotton-Tipped, 6 in (Sterile)  (1000/case)
L111-0Applicator Sticks, Plastic, Dacron-Tipped, 6 in (Sterile)  (100/box)

General Wipes
L545-0Kimwipes, 4.5 in x 8.5 in (280/bx)
L545-1Kimwipes, 4.5 in x 8.5 in (60bx/cs)
L546-0Sterling MultiWipes, 4.5 x 8.3in (300/box)
L546-1Sterling MultiWipes, 4.5 x 8.3in (60 box/case)

Glucose Tolerance Beverages
TG-101SUN-DEX, 50 Gram, 5 oz (12/case)
TG-102LIMEONDEX, 50 Gram, 5 oz (12/case)
TG-103DEXICOLA, 50 Gram, 5 oz (12/case)
TG-104SUN-DEX, 75 Gram, 7.5 oz (12/case)
TG-105LIMEONDEX, 75 Gram, 7.5 oz (12/case)
TG-106DEXICOLA, 75 Gram, 7.5 oz (12/case)
TG-107SUN-DEX, 100 Gram, 10 oz (12/case)
TG-108LIMEONDEX, 100 Gram, 10 oz (12/case)
TG-109DEXICOLA, 100 Gram, 10 oz (12/case)

Analog Dry Bath Incubators
L240-0Heating Block, 2-Block Capacity (Requires 2 block inserts)
L240-2Heating Block, 4-Block Capacity (Requires 4 block inserts)
L241-0Block Inserts for 13 mm Tubes, 20-place
L241-1Block Inserts for 12 mm Tubes, 20-place

L250-0Laboratory Markers, Black
L250-1Laboratory Markers, Black (6/Box)

L300-0Parafilm, 2 in x 250 ft
L300-1Parafilm, 4 in x 125 ft

Centrifuges (LW Scientific)
LWZIPZip-Spin Microcentrifuge Centrifuge, 6-place for 1.5 ml tubes, 7000 rpm
LWZIP2Zipocrit Hematocrit Centrifuge, 4-place, 75 mm
LWU8FUltra-8F Centrifuge, Fixed Speed, 8-place, 3300 rpm
LWV8FUltra-8F Centrifuge, Variable Speed, 8-place, 3300 rpm
LWM24Microhematocrit Centrifuge, 24-place Reader Disk, 11,000 rpm
LWV24Centrifuge, 24-place, 3-15 ml tubes, 4000 rpm
LWV24TCentrifuge, 24-place, 3-15 ml tubes w/tachometer, 4000 rpm
LWCBXCentrifuge, Combo, 24-place, w/o Rotor
LWTBXCentrifuge, Combo, 24-place, w/Tachometer, w/o Rotor
LWT12RRotor for Combo, 12-place for test tubes
LWT24RRotor for Combo, 24-place for test tubes
LWMT24Rotor for Combo, 24-place for Micro tubes (1.5 ml)
LWH24RRotor for Combo, 24-place Microhematocrit w/Reader

Centrifuges (Vulcon Technologies)
L356-0Clinaspin Centrifuge, 6-place, 30-minute timer
L356-1Clinaspin Centrifuge, 6-place, On/Off Switch
L356-2Clinaspin Centrifuge, 8-place, 30-minute timer
L356-3Mobilespin 12 V Portable Centrifuge, 6-place
L356-4Mobilespin 12 V Portable Centrifuge, 8-place
L357-0Power Converter from 115 v to 12 volt for above
L358-0Clinaseal Centrifuge, 6-place, 30-minute timer
L358-1Clinaseal Centrifuge, 6-place, On/Off Switch
L358-2Clinaseal Centrifuge, 8-place, 30-minute timer
L359-0Variseal Variable Speed Centrifuge, 6-place
L359-1Variseal Variable Speed Centrifuge, 8-place
L360-0Quantum Variable Speed Centrifuge, 24-place
L361-0Microspin Microhematocrit Centrifuge, 24-place

Differential Counters
DIF50Differential Counters, 5 Key
DIF80Differential Counters, 8 Key

Tube Rockers & Rotator
L365-0Hematology Tube Rocker-Dual Trays  (22 tube capacity)
L365-1Hematology Tube Rocker (15 tube capacity)
L365-2Hematology Tube Rocker (14 tube capacity)
RT-10Rototron  Orbital Rotator

Vortex Mixers
L360-1Thermolyne® Maxi-Mix Vortex Tube Mixer
L360-2Replacement Top for Maxi-Mix

Rubber Bulbs & Pipet Aids
L330-0Amber Latex Rubber Bulb, 2 ml  (12/Pkg)
L330-1Pipet Aid, Safety Bulb, Red  (3/Pkg)
L330-2Pipet Helper, Filler/Dispenser, Brandtech (Gray)
L330-3Replacement Membranes, 3 um, NonSterile for L330-2  (10/Pkg)

Test Tube Racks (Polyethylene)
L370-060-Place, up to 16 mm tubes (White)
45650460-Place, up to 16 mm tubes (Blue)
45651060-Place, up to 16 mm tubes (Red)
45660340-Place , up to 20 mm tubes (White)
45660440-Place , up to 20 mm tubes (Blue)
45661040-Place , up to 20 mm tubes (Red)
45670340-Place, up to 25 mm tubes (White)
45670440-Place, up to 25 mm tubes (Blue)
45671040-Place, up to 25 mm tubes (Red)
45680324-Place, up to 30 mm tubes (White)
45680424-Place, up to 30 mm tubes (Blue)
45681024-Place, up to 30 mm tubes (Red)
L371-090-Place, 10-13 mm tubes (White)
45640490-Place, 10-13 mm tubes (Blue)
45641090-Place, 10-13 mm tubes (Red)
L370-396-Place, Peg Rack, 10-13 mm tubes (White)  (2/Pkg)

Test Tube Racks (Wire with Epoxy Coat)
Specify Color: Blue, Green, White, Orange, Yellow, Zinc Plated
3137200Boekel Test Tube Rack, 13 mm Tubes, 72 Place
3139000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 13 mm Tubes, 90 Place
3131080Boekel Test Tube Rack, 13 mm Tubes, 108 Place
3164000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 16 mm Tubes, 40 Place
3164800Boekel Test Tube Rack, 16 mm Tubes, 48 Place
3167200Boekel Test Tube Rack, 16 mm Tubes, 72 Place
3161080Boekel Test Tube Rack, 16 mm Tubes, 108 Place
3204000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 20 mm Tubes, 40 Place
3208000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 20 mm Tubes, 80 Place
3224000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 22 mm Tubes, 40 Place
3254000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 25 mm Tubes, 40 Place
3258000Boekel Test Tube Rack, 25 mm Tubes, 80 Place
3302400Boekel Test Tube Rack, 30 mm Tubes, 24 Place
3304800Boekel Test Tube Rack, 30 mm Tubes, 48 Place
3402400Boekel Test Tube Rack, 40 mm Tubes, 24 Place
3404800Boekel Test Tube Rack, 40 mm Tubes, 48 Place

Microcentrifuge Tube Racks
456303Microcentrifuge Tube Rack, 100-place (White)

Standard Laboratory Thermometers
L380-0Thermometer, -20 to 110 C, Spirit-Filled, 305 mm (1°C Subdivision) White

NIST Traceable Certified Thermometers
L380-2In Shatterproof Bottle (Ambient, +10 to +30 C)
L380-3In Shatterproof Bottle (Refrigerator, -5 to 15 C)
L380-4In Shatterproof Bottle (Freezer, -30 to 0 C)
L380-5In Shatterproof Bottle (Incubator, +15 to 50 C)

Humidity Meter
L380-6Humidity Meter meets CLIA Specifications

L390-0Electronic Timer, Single Channel
L390-1Electronic Timer, 3-Channel (Traceable)
L390-2Electronic Timer (Traceable) 4-Channel

Wash Bottles
L600-0Wash Bottle, Polyethylene, 500 ml  (6/Pkg)

Immersion Oil
H485-0Immersion Oil, Grade A-B, R.I. = 1.5150 (Medium Viscosity)  (1 oz)
H485-1Immersion Oil, Type A, RI = 1.5150 (Low Viscosity)  (16 oz)
H485-2Immersion Oil, Type B, RI = 1.5150 (High Viscosity)  (16 oz)

Lens Cleaner
G368-0Optical Lens Cleaner, Nonflammable, 2 oz/bottle, 6 bottles/pkg

Lens Paper
G369-0Lens Paper, Lint free, 4 x 6 in, 50 sheets/book, 12 books/pkg

Litmus Paper
14844BLitmus Blue Strips (turns red in acid)
14845RLitmus Red Strips (turns blue in base)
14850NLitmus Neutral Strips (turns red in acid and blue in base)
14861CCongo Red Strips (turns blue in strong acid)

Microhematocrit Tubes and Sealant
G385-0Capillary Tubes, 75 mm, Heparinized, Red Tip, 100/vial
G385-1Capillary Tubes, 75 mm, Heparinized, Red Tip, 10 vials/case
G386-0Capillary Tubes, Calibrated at 60 mm, Heparinized, 100/vial
G386-1Capillary Tubes, Calibrated at 60 mm, Heparinized, 10 vials/case
G390-0Capillary Tubes, 75 mm, Plain, Blue Tip, 100/vial
G390-1Capillary Tubes, 75 mm, Plain, Blue Tip, 10 vials/case
G391-0Plastic Microhematocrit Capillary Tubes, Untreated, 10 vials/case
G391-1Plastic Microhematocrit Capillary Tubes, Amm. Heparinized, Green Tip, 10 vials/case
G391-2Plastic Microhematocrit Capillary Tubes, Na Heparinized, Red Tip, 10 vials/case
G397-0Microhematocrit Reader
G395-0Sealant for Hematocrit Tubes, 10 trays/pkg

Economy Utility Ovens (Boekel)
M360-0Utility Covection Ovens, 0.6 cu ft, 2.2 sq ft storage area
M361-0Utility Covection Ovens, 1.6 cu ft, 4.1 sq ft storage area
M362-0Utility Covection Ovens, 2.7 cu ft, 5.3 sq ft storage area

Transfer Pipets
P202-0Transfer Pipet, Standard, 5 ml , 15 cm  (500/Pkg)

Test Tubes & Caps (Plastic)
P100-0Test Tubes, 12 x 75 mm, Conical, Polystyrene  (4x250/case)
P105-0Test Tubes, 12 x 75 mm, Conical, Polypropylene (4x250/case)
P110-0Test Tubes, 12 x 75 mm, Round, Polystyrene  (4x250/case)
P115-0Test Tubes, 12 x 75 mm, Round, Polypropylene  (4x250/case)
P120-0Test Tube Caps, 12 mm, Polyethylene, Hollow Top Plug (Spec Color*) (1000/bag)
*Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
P125-0Test Tube Caps, 12 or 13 mm, Polyethylene, 2-Position  (1000/bag)
P130-0Test Tubes, 16 x 100 mm, Round, Polystyrene  (2x500/case)
P135-0Test Tubes, 16 x 100 mm, Round, Polypropylene  (2x500/case)
P140-0Test Tubes, 13 x 100 mm, Round, Polystyrene  (4x250/case)
P145-0Test Tubes, 13 x 100 mm, Round, Polypropylene  (4x250/case)
P150-0Test Tube Caps, 13 mm, Polyethylene, Tiered  (1000/case)

Fecal Collection Container with Spoon
P911-730 ml Polystyrene Container with Spoon, Self-Standing  (500/case)
P912-030 ml Polypropylene Container with Spoon, Self-Standing  (500/case)

Centrifuge Tubes (Plastic)
P440-0Microcentrifuge Tubes, Polyethylene with Cap*, 1.5 ml  (200/bag)
P445-0Microcentrifuge Tubes, Polyethylene with Cap*, 1.5 ml  (1000/case)
*Available in colors: Natural, Amber, Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Yellow
P450-0Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, w/Cap  (4x250/case)
P450-1Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, Polystyrene w/Cap (Bulk) (Non-Sterile)  (500/case)

P460-0Cuvette, 3.5 ml, Polystyrene, 10 mm (100/tray; 10 trays/case)
P465-0Cuvette, Semi-Micro, 1.5 ml, PS, 10 mm (100/tray; 10 trays/case)
P466-0Lids for 10 mm Cuvettes, PE (500/case)


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