Coagulation Analyzers
Cat. No. G05000KC1 Delta Coagulation Analyzer
Cat. No. N04000KC4 Delta Coagulation Analyzer

Coagulation Analyzer Consumables
Cat. No. 837040KC Delta Pipet Tips(1000/case)
Cat. No. 837060Pipette Tips (Red)Pkg: 2 x 56/tray
Cat. No. 838012KC 4A Combitips (1.25 ml) (100/pack)
Cat. No. 838025KC Combitips (2.5 ml)(100/pack)
Cat. No. 852015KC Delta Thermal Printer Paper
Cat. No. 852020Paper Roll CR-A9(5 rolls/pack)
Cat. No. K4257 KC Pipet Tips, Yellow 200 ul(10/pack)
Cat. No. Z04101KC Macrounivettes(220 pcs/pack)
Cat. No. Z04140KC Microtetravettes(150 pcs/pack)
Cat. No. Z04141KC Macrotetravettes(150 pcs/pack)
Cat. No. 837021KC 1A Pipet Tips, Blue(1000 ul)

Equivalent to Simplastin XL, Organon Technika# 52000:
Cat. No. T956-1ThromboMax HS(10 x 4 ml)
Cat. No. 176065       Thromboplastin D(200 Test)

Equivalent  to Platelin L, OT# 59574:
Cat. No. A1219Alexin LS(10 x 2 ml)
Cat. No. 22929APTT-XL (10 x 3 ml)

Equivalent to Calcium Chloride, 0.02 M from OT:
Cat. No. C7666 Calcium Chloride, 0.02 M(10 x 10 ml)
Cat. No. 285545Calcium Chloride, 0.02 M(10 x 10 ml)

Equivalent to Verify I, OT# 59566:
Cat. No. A4089 Accuclot Control I(10 x 1 ml)
Cat. No. 176198Coag Control I(10 x 1 ml)

Equivalent to Verify II, OT# 59567:
Cat. No. A5089 Accuclot Control II(10 x 1 ml)
Cat. No. 176214Coag Control II(10 x 1 ml)

Equivalent to Verify III, OT# 59568:
Cat. No. A6089 Accuclot III(10 x 1 ml)
Cat. No. 176230Coag Control III(10 x 1 ml)
Cat. No. 3051-4Coag-A-Mate XM Disposable Cuvettes  (500/cs)
Cat. No. D134-3MLA Pipet Tips, 1-200 ul (equiv to MLA No. 9025)  (1000/bag)
Fibrin Cups and Tips
Cat. No. P420-0Fibrin Cups (1000/cs)
Cat. No. P425-0Pipet Tips for Fibrometer (1000/cs)

Coaguchek™ S
Cat. No. 2138280Roche Coaguchek™S Instrument
Cat. No. 3116247Roche Coaguchek™Reagents  (48 tests/kit)
Cat. No. 3033384Roche Coaguchek Controls  (4-Level I, 4-Level II)
Cat. No. 2032155Roche Electronic QC Module
Cat. No. CT-461  Capillary Tubes for Coaguchek  (100/vial)
Cat. No. 70120   CoaguChek Printer


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